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The Piece of Inspiration

Confession: I AM A FIRE QUEEN! I love all the colors in the range of Red, Orange and Yellow. And as a FIRE Queen, I have had a "hate" and disdain relationship with the color blue. But last year I was creating my #100daysofmudcloth I discovered that Indigo was a very unique and popular color of African textiles. So for a week or so, I explored Indigo mud-cloths and to my surprise, I did not perish.

This year as I've pushed myself and my art, I began to explore once again the color Indigo. As I was researching, I discovered the African Indigo Resist Dyeing technique of the Yoruba people of Nigeria known as Adire. What drew me in and kept my attention was all of the beautiful symbols and patterns and how each of the textiles told unique stories. Aside from the symbols, the process of creating the deep indigo dye and the various forms of resist also intrigued me. I began to ask the question, "I wonder if I could create the Adire textiles on paper?"

As you can see below, Seth Apter's new Izink product line from Aladine rose to the challenge with the help of a few graphic and tribal inspired stencils from Stencil Girl Products.

The Premiere:

The Products

Supplies Used:

Aladine Izink Ice: Snowball, Coffee, Night

Aladine Izink Dye Ink Spray: Bluemoon, Licorice, Cassis

Aladine Izink Pigment Ink: Stratosphere, Avalanche, Thundercloud

Wow Embossing Powder: Blue Moon

Stencil Girl Products:

L320 Kalbach


S490 Skaggs

Ml73 Skaggs

M144 Borloz

Arches 300 lb Coldpress Watercolor Paper, 12 X 18

Blick White Matte Paint

Tip: Make the Products Your Own: To see more details on color mixing, application tools and exploration with Aladine Izink products, see the Free Mini Workshop.

1. Color Mixing: To make the signature indigo featured in the project, I used equal parts Blue Moon and Licorice Dye Spray. I made several variations of indigo dye by adding Cassis and/or Lavender. To make the matte white Ice, I added Blick Matte White Paint.

2. Application Tools: To get different effects from the same colors, I used various application tools. I purchased a 24 pack of watercolor brushes and put all fo the dye sprays inside and mixed a number of "custom color sprays" inside misters.

3. Exploration: Don't be afraid to experiment and explore the full range of colors and new ways to use the products. I also put the pigment ink into empty acrylic paint markers for easy mark making.

The Process: Faux Indigo Resist Dyeing on Paper

The RESIST: To create the resists, I used three different mediums thru stencils.

  • Resist with Izink Ice Glaze
  • Resist with Izink Pigment Ink
  • Resist with Embossing Powders

The DYEING: To mimic the dyeing process, I applied multiple layers of the dye spray ink in various application tools.

  • Spray with Izink Dye Ink Sprays
  • Paint with Izink Dye Ink Sprays
  • Create Variation with Izink Ice

The Project

1. Prep the Paper

2. Apply the Resists

3. Apply the Dye

4. Remove Resist and Dye with wipes and paper towels

5. Add variation with Izink Ice

6. Add details, layers and marks

To watch the full video, click the link or hit the play button.

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